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VAIDAT LEGALE SERVICES [The Law Firm] – We understand and work together with you to solve the toughest legal issues.

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VAIDAT Legale Services [VLS]

VAIDAT LEGALE SERVICES (VLS) is an Indian conglomerate of Corporate & Commercial Counsel Law Firm having broad international cover with deep local roots. Our aim is to provide Complete Legal and Business Solutions to our Clients by providing them with high quality legal services at their behest.

Our Professional Team comprises of various Corporate and Legal Professionals having vast experience in consulting, operating and integrating seamlessly and successfully into cross-cultural environments nationally and internationally. We at VLS ensure to provide flexible business solutions that help our clients ensure a robust and cost effective resolution to achieve success in their respective business fields.

“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.”

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We abide by the professional code of conduct, the prevailing ethical conventions and the moral standards in order to aptly come up to ease of our patron. We employ the best legal expertise, latest technology and effective process management to help achieve efficiency and cost effectiveness.

VLS holds the privilege of serving diversified clientele on a global level. We are focused at helping our clients achieve a profitable growth in their respective fields of business. Our individualistic approach towards each client helps us in achieving the goals set by our professional team for each specific client. Our Legale approach is to provide consistent innovative commercial-legal solutions to our patrons with the guidance and support of our team.

At VLS we follow the policy of Devotion, Honesty and Realistic Practical Approach. The Legal profession has undergone a drastic change as a result of globalization, which demands synchronization amongst the fraternity of professionals and also to incorporate a Universal Code of Conduct based on the foundation for serving the patrons in the best possible manner. Our Principles and Beliefs have assisted us in keeping pace with the modern requirements and also helped us to successfully handle various Domestic and International Transactions.


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Diversity & Inclusion

Our vision is to position Legal Lands LLP as a leader in diversity and inclusion and as an employer of choice across the Indian sub continent. We aim to do this by valuing differences, promoting a culture of respect for each individual, and encouraging workforce diversity in all aspects and at all levels. We aspire to create an environment where everyone can realize their full potential and career ambitions on the basis of merit and skill.

We believe that diversity is not just about valuing differences based on gender, age, race or colour, gender identity, religion or belief, disability, national origin, and sexual orientation. Factors such as communication style, career path, life experience, educational background and parental status influence personal perspectives and make us react and think differently; approach challenges and solve problems differently; make suggestions and decisions differently; and see different opportunities.


We know that if our people are able to be themselves at work they are more engaged and productive. By creating an inclusive environment where every individual knows that they are valued and can progress on the basis of merit and skill we can leverage the full potential of our workforce.

Vision & Philosophy

We must be a world class business, profitable, ambitious, cooperative and considerate, supporting our clients and people through our business principles of Quality, Unity and Integrity.

We have one global set of values or business principles, which guide behavior and help to ensure that the business operates to the highest standards. They describe our culture and personality both internally and externally, the way we work and what we stand for:

  • Clients come first. We work on the basis that if we help our clients to be successful, we will be successful.
  • Our focus is on providing consistently high quality legal services to clients across the business.
  • We are industry experts. We understand our clients’ businesses, industries and markets. Our strong industry focus helps us to forge our market reputation and distinguishes us from our peers.
  • We have a commercial and pragmatic approach to advising clients on their business dealings.
  • We develop innovative solutions for our clients’ legal and business issues.
  • We seek to recruit only the best people and we aim to develop them to perform to the highest level.

Technology Driven

We are focused on providing innovative, value-driven solutions to lawyers that enhance profitability, workflow efficiency and client communications. We ensure our lawyers always have current technology and secure access to the technical resources required to deliver superior service to clients in a manner representative of our fully integrated global firm.

We are working toward placing the power of information into the hands of our lawyers through the use of mobile technologies in order to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Innovation without complexity is critical to our success whether a lawyer is in an office, at a client’s site or in the comfort of their home.

In order to raise the bar, we have attracted a team of seasoned IT professionals comprising both legal and non-legal industry veterans with a tremendous amount of enterprise IT experience. We have developed partnerships with the same world-class IT providers as our global clients to ensure timely advances in technical innovations, and we have established a roadmap to ensure our systems remain current and well-positioned to meet the future needs of the firm and its clients.

We work as part of your team, helping solve your toughest and most complex legal issues. Wherever you are. We are the best Law Firm in India

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Our team of Professionals is a rich blend of experienced lawyers and corporate professionals. The professional team is headed by Rajiv Tuli (FCA, LL.B) having more than 25 years of professional expertise in various facets of Indian & International Laws. The team is well supported by experienced litigation lawyers & other corporate professionals and includes a blend of young & dynamic professionals at the middle level, well supported by Para Legal, interns and support staff. Additionally, our team of professionals includes retired bureaucrats & government officials and expert professionals from different corners of India.