Digital Economy

Why we exist

The digitalisation of business knows no boundaries and no insurmountable barriers. It is impacting businesses in all industries, and it is doing just that, right now. We all know that dealing with the challenges of digitalising your business can be complicated and unpredictable.

Our group was born out of the need to support our clients in developing their digital strategies – to enhance their existing activities or introduce entirely new business models, service offerings and cultures into their organisation through the exploitation of technology, communications and data developments. Our aim is to identify how they can achieve this from a legal perspective while maximising value and mitigating the threats and uncertainties.

How we do it

We work to cut through the complexities of digitalisation to provide practical, commercial legal solutions to deal with your business problems regardless of the uncharted nature of the legal issues they present.

In order to deliver this, you need a team of lawyers who understand your business, digitalisation strategies and the legal issues they raise across the whole of your organisation, however and wherever they are.

We have assembled a digital economy group which includes digital specialists at its core, working hand in hand with our sector specialists and lawyers in all key legal disciplines and across our network of offices to give you exactly that.

What we do

Our digital economy group adopts a tailored approach to the digitalisation of particular industries. We have a key focus on fintech, infratech, proptech and TMT, but recognise that digitalisation is affecting all sectors of the economy from agriculture to transport.

Our team has been assembled to identify issues and provide legal solutions across all key disciplines including strategic commercial arrangements, M&A, IPOs, financing, joint ventures, outsourcing, disputes, exploitation of IP, tax and other key commercial activities.

We operate across the globe so we can help you where the strategy applies or the problem arises. | +91 11 46045777 / +91 11 46048777

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