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Business Setup in India

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Copyright in India

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Designs in India

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Geographical Indicators in India

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Society and Law Relating to Rape in India - Published in ELT Vol No. 287, Part 4

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FDI in Retail – An Overview

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Company Incorporation in India-
A Practical Guide

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Union Budget 2014 - 15

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Measures of Governance before introduction of GST Regime

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Conditions for taking benefits of Startup Scheme

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IPR - India

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Patent in India

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Trademark in India

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Non Profit Organizations

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Highlights of Companies Bill 2011

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Stamp Duty – Amalgamation Order

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Union Budget 2013 - Summary

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Highlights on Union Budget 2015-2016

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Highlights on Foreign Trade Policy (2015-2020)

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Service Tax Liability on High end Hotels & Restaurants

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