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Banking & Finance

VLS aims to provide consultancy and liaisoning services to our members on all banking matters including:

Incorporation, Consultancy and Structuring of Securitization & Asset Management Companies.
Structuring corporate financials to suite funding through various financial instruments such as equity, shares, debentures, participatory notes etc.
Structuring of debt assignment.
Negotiation and documentation for letters of credits and bank guarantee.
Loan syndication, debt restructuring and rescheduling.
Advisory and litigation services to bank and financial institutions on loan recovery and dispute settlement.
Investigations and legal scrutiny reports regarding titles of properties and fair market valuation for loan against property / mortgages.
Project viability report and market surveys.
Litigation before DRT, DRAT and under Securitization Act.
Dealing with RBI and Authorized Dealer (A.D.) for various FEMA related issues. and
Arranging funds from International funding institutions and resources.